Ep 31: How to Keep a Clean Home


Are you a mom who goes all-in on what you love, but you don't have the systems built within your home and then before you know it, things get really cluttered and out of control?

If you find yourself getting so overwhelmed to the point where it actually stops you from progressing forward, listen in as Lara shares a process that will help you put a plan into place, say good-bye to clutter and overwhelm, and hello to a happy, harmonious home.

This episode is for you if …

  • The messes in your house are yelling at you
  • The more you try to juggle, the messier and more disorganized things get
  • You yell at and shame your parter and kids for not "helping" 
  • You think you need to reorganize everything before working on a goal

When you think of your home like the zones of a sprinkler, you can figure it out based on the time you choose or have to give to it, not what needs to be done, but the time you choose to spend doing it. Then you can decide which zones in your home...

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Ep 13 When You Lack Motivation For the Clutter Piles


Are your piles of clutter mocking you? Or do you have a nagging list of projects you aren’t doing? The answer to addressing these things is not more motivation, time or energy.

The answer is strengthening your “Decision Making Muscle” so that you can make empowered decisions to leave the stuff alone or to deal with it once and for all.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why you avoiding decisions;
  • How making decisions develops your self-trust;
  • When to choose to leave the piles;
  • When to choose to address the piles;
  • How to be nice to yourself no matter what.
  • Why this matters when you are discovering your purpose.

How to Connect with Lara:

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Work with Lara: www.larajohnsoncoaching.com/work-with-me/

Click HERE to watch this video to learn The 3 Things to Avoid When Reading Self-Help Books

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