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"Lara assisted me in having a renewed sense of self and clarity on my purpose. I am celebrating that with her guidance, I now have a clear path on how to achieve my goals and aspirations for myself, my family, and my business. Her techniques have helped me have a sound process for stepping into solution oriented thinking."

Kim Oliver

Use This Guide To ...

Create More Joy

Uncover your unique gifts and talents to bring more joy, purpose, and enjoyment to your life.

Get Unstuck

Finally put an end to endlessly spinning your wheels and move forward on the ideas that give you life.

Live on Purpose

Work in partnership with God to fulfill your dreams while still being the Mom you want to be.

This guide is for you if you’ve ever:

  • Ugly cried while watching Moana
  • Felt you were meant for something more
  • Worried you are not living up to your full potential
  • Have said it’s not the “right time or season” to pursue something
  • Overscheduled yourself with volunteering or your kids’ schedules
  • Been so overwhelmed that you want to run away from your life

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