What if everything you believed about work-life balance was wrong?

I went from surviving life to accomplishing my dreams, and I did it with my kids.

About Lara

I went from surviving life to accomplishing my dreams, and I did it with my kids.

I’m Lara Johnson, Certified Life Coach, mother to 3 angelic tyrants, and wife to a career-minded accountant.

I knew I wanted to stay home with my kids. I also had big dreams. Once I began my family, I quickly realized the challenges of doing both.

I felt invisible.

I loved being home with my kids. Yet, I often felt unfulfilled and forgotten after washing the same countertop for the millionth time.

I got a J-O-B that I could work from home during naps and evenings. I enjoyed my job, but knew it wasn’t my “big dream.” I told myself it wasn’t my season to pursue my dreams.

Yet something kept calling me to more.

I considered going back for a masters degree.  I regularly looked at jobs I knew I wouldn’t apply for.  I increased my volunteering hours and even started a non profit.  I hosted playdates, girls nights, book clubs, and more. 

Yet, something kept calling to me.  And, I longed to answer it. 

I didn’t think it was possible to pursue my dreams; our lives were too busy.

I was sure if I pursued the call, it would take away too much from my family.

So, I buried the feeling deep inside of me.

There were times it still crept up, like when Moana felt called to the ocean or when I listened to “A Million Dreams” in the car with my kids.  An “ugly cry” would usually commence.

Soon the pain of staying the same became worse than the pain of change.

I looked into life coaching. During one of my coaching calls, my coach said, “motherhood and dreams CAN coexist.”

That sentence changed my life. It shifted my brain from “if” it was possible to “how” do I make it work for me.

My brain started to solve the puzzle instead of staying stuck.

With the skills I learned in coaching, I discovered my passions and created space for my dreams.

I learned how to juggle my roles with ease, accomplish my to-do list, and be intentional with my time.

I also created more connection with my kids, had more patience with them, and had more fun doing the things I used to feel too tired to do.

By discovering my ‘more’, I felt alive, fulfilled, and accomplished.

I knew it was what I wanted to share with others.  So, I became a certified life coach.

My experiences, as well as my life coaching skills, allow me to teach women every day how to juggle the roles they have in their life so they can achieve their dreams while being the mom they want to be.

You can do it, too.

Are you ready to feel more control over the balls you’re juggling? Do you want to achieve your dreams AND still be the mom you want to be?

I can show you how.

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This is the beginning for you. Everything will change from here.

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