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"Working with Lara has been one of the most transformational and valuable experiences I have had. Iā€™ve done therapy, Iā€™ve read books, Iā€™ve taken courses, but getting to work 1:1 with Lara was the most worthwhile investment of them all. Truly, I cannot say enough good things about Lara. Working with her has improved my outlook on life, transformed how I interact with my husband, children, family, friends, and myself. I now have tools that I can use whatever circumstance comes up. If you are considering working with Lara, do it! I truly cannot recommend her more highly!"

Jackie Hershfeld

Frequently Asked Questions

The consultation is one hour. There is no charge for it.

No. I don't like pressure, nor will I pressure you.

80% of the call we will discuss your dreams and path forward.

10% I will discuss my program.

10% I leave open for questions.

I want to ensure that you leave the call with clarity and peace as to your next steps.

If that includes me as your coach, great. If not, I am happy to provide or recommend other resources toĀ you!

Most people like to have pen and paper because we cover a lot in a short amount of time.

Either! My goal is to help you feel comfortable.

When you schedule your consultation, you will receive a calendar invite that will include a Zoom link. Turning the camera on is optional. Or, if you prefer to talk on the phone, let me know.

I break the consultation down into 3 sections.

  1. Tell me a little about yourself and what led you to scheduling your consultation right now.
  2. An intake thatĀ helps me better understand you. This includes questions I will ask you about your dreams, goals, family, and household management.
  3. What is included in my program, and if it's a good fit for you.

I will guide you through these 3 sections so that you feel safe, seen, and heard as we discuss the matters of your heart.Ā 

$5,000 for 6 months of weekly coaching with optional videos, worksheets, and email coaching for real time help.

Or, monthly payments of $850.

You know that feeling of walking into a college lecture with 500 people in the room? Everything felt overwhelming. The professor talked at you, it was hard to grasp the concepts, and you didn't feel safe to ask questions.

That's kind of how life, motherhood, and pursuing our dreams is.

That's the beauty of working one-on-one with a coach. I take a small client load so that for 6 months, you are my focus.

And for 6 months, you have someone teaching you in the style that you learn, making sure you're getting it, helping you practice how to apply it, and ensuring you're making progress.

This is why it becomes such a life changing experience. The simple, doable tools you learn and APPLY will impact your life well beyond our 6-months of time together.

I love kids, I have 4 of them! Kids often come on client calls. It doesn't bother me; however, I find that it can be harder for you to focus.

So, it might be helpful have another adult around, get a sitter, or plan the consultation during nap or electronic times. This can help you get the most out of your consultation.

Most programs give you the information, and wish you luck. Kind of like giving you a Math textbook, andĀ saying, "Congrats! Now you can learn Calculus!"

If that hasn't worked for you in the past, it's becauseĀ that's not the way you learn.

This doesn't mean you're not smart or that there is something wrong with you (please read that sentence again!). It simply means your brilliant brain learns better with a more hands-on approach.

In my coaching, I cater to YOUR learning style. That means I might include visuals, writing, listening, practicing application, and a lot of humor.

If you learn better with the video turned off, great, we leave the video off. If you learn better with pictures and formulas, cool, you'll see plenty of my ugly stick figures that will haunt your memories.

By learning this way, you will RETAIN and be able to apply the skills.

This is why you'll walkĀ away with life-long transformationsĀ because you get to learn in the style that fits your brain and body.

In my immediate family of 6, I have 3 that are autistic. 4 that are ADHD (myself included). And a handful more diagnoses like PDA (a subtype in autism called pathological demand avoidance or pervasive drive for autonomy) dyslexia, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, and depression.

Although we are not defined or limited by these labels, they are useful in communicating our different learning and living styles.

As a result, what I teach is ND friendly, and regularly applied to myself, and my home and family.

It's time to answer the call within and become who you're meant to be!

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