Are you struggling to stay afloat, and are ready for something more?

Are you struggling to stay afloat, and are ready for something more?

You had a long day. You cleaned the same toys, drove to the same places, and watched the same kid’s shows as you did yesterday.

The monotony makes the days blend together.

You feel bored and forgotten.

Your mind wanders to different times before your kids were born.

Times when felt free, accomplished, and fulfilled.

You feel a twinge of guilt.

You are so grateful for the life you have, as well as the humans you are raising.  You wouldn’t trade it for anything.

There’s also this feeling you can’t shake. The one that’s calling you to something “more.”

You feel torn.

You want to feel valued. You want to be more in line with who you’re meant to be.

You don’t know where to start or what to do. You’re scared. You aren’t sure if adding one more thing to your already busy plate is right for you or your family.

You’re sure that it will be easier after your kids are older.

So, you stay the same.

Day after day, year after year. You feel more lost, overwhelmed, and burned out by the never-ending juggling act of your life.

You are not alone!

I’ve been there. I know the pain you’re experiencing that’s deep within your heart. I also know there is SO much more waiting for you! And, it starts by awakening the feeling you have that there’s something calling you to “more.”

That feeling that’s calling you to “more” is a gift.

It is the key to discovering who you are meant to be, and how you can make your mark on the world.

That feeling will help you create a new life for you and your family.

It is the key to achieving your dreams WHILE being the mom you want to be.

Are you ready?

I promise what awaits you IS easier and more fun than the pain of staying the same.

But, it takes learning new skills so you have the tools you need in order to juggle all the balls you have in your life.

I’ll show you how.

As a certified life coach, I offer free consultations where we can talk about YOU. We’ll talk about the challenges you’re faced with right now and the dreams you have for your life.

I will show you what’s possible for you right now, including how to juggle the demands like a mom boss. We’ll talk about the steps you can take to feel more in control and peaceful instead of the chaos you’re currently experiencing.

You’ll leave the consultation feeling renewed and determined.

Click on the button below to sign up for your free consultation now. Click on a day and time that works for your schedule. Enter your name, email, and a good phone number for me to reach you on, then press enter.

Still not sure?

You may be thinking, “this sounds great, but I don’t have time,” “I’ll do this later,” or “I’m not sure it’s for me.”

Nothing changes unless you do.

Life is never going to get simpler. Before you know it, you’ll look back at the last six months or few years and realize you’re in the same place as you have always been.

The consultation is the best way to test drive the coaching experience. It provides you the opportunity to see if coaching is the path you want to take to create your dreams.

Find the time to make it possible for you. Doing so is your chance to finally say, “I’m ready for change.”

I’m kinda nervous.

What you’re experiencing is totally normal. Talking with someone about the things you feel takes courage.

You have that courage. It’s what led you to this page in the first place, and it’s driving you to find the answers you’ve been searching for.

Give yourself permission to take time for yourself and your dreams. You give so much to ensure the happiness of others. It’s time to make space for YOUR happiness and YOUR dreams. Schedule your consultation so you can take the steps to change your future, your family, and yourself.

what my clients say

"Lara is a critical part of my growing business and life!"

I started with Lara because I believe in coaching, and how it helps transform people. Being a coach myself, I know that I am not at my best self without a partner and coach. I really liked Lara’s approach and how she has been able to help me start to remove my layers of self-protection. I just started another 6 months with her because I believe in what we are working on and that Lara is a critical part of my growing business and life! She will tell you that I say on most calls, “I don’t like you today”, because she is really digging into the crap that I don’t want to come up. I really love her and I am looking forward to our journey ahead!
Heather F.

"My happiness has sky rocketed."

I am still in the middle of my program with Lara. I have listened to life coaching podcasts before so I understood a little bit of what I was “getting myself into” 🙂 BUT I honestly had no idea how much it would help me. Before I started the program, I had been in a “funk” for a few months. I had a lot of changes in my life the year before I started with Lara, and with my husband about to start busy season soon I knew I had to do SOMETHING besides just listen to inspirational podcast if I was going to get through busy season without wanting to crawl in a hole and never come out. Within the first week of talking to Lara I realized I a lot to work on. I LOVE that she gave me homework every week. It helped me think about myself daily and honestly my kids AND my husband told me within the first week how big of a difference they saw in me. I, of course am still working on myself and have plenty to do but I love that she gives me something different to practice every week. Im proud of myself but really have Lara to thank for changing the way I think. Literally. Adjusting my thoughts has been my biggest accomplishment in all of this, which in turn changes EVERYTHING about how I am living! My happiness has sky rocketed.
Sara B.

"My work with her has improved my relationships with my husband, my kids, and myself."

I was led to Lara through a friend who was so excited about how work with Lara was changing her life (for the better) that she couldn’t help but talk about it. There were some patterns and behaviors that I was desperate to change so I got in touch with her. After our first call, I knew I wanted to work with Lara. My work with her has improved my relationships with my husband, my kids, and myself. It has increased my happiness, energy, and the peace in my life. I’m proud of the personal changes I’ve made and am so happy to think of the positive effects these changes will have on my family through the generations.
Valerie T.

"I now have tools that I can use whatever circumstance comes up."

Working with Lara has been one of the most transformational and valuable experiences I have had. I've done therapy, I've read books, I've taken courses, but getting to work 1:1 with Lara was the most worthwhile investment of them all. Truly, I cannot say enough good things about Lara. Working with her has improved my outlook on life, transformed how I interact with my husband, children, family, friends, and myself. I now have tools that I can use whatever circumstance comes up. If you are considering working with Lara, do it! I truly cannot recommend her more highly!
Jackie H.

"I now feel more in control of how I act instead of feeling like life is spinning all around me."

Working with Lara has taught me how to view the circumstances in my life as neutral experiences. She has taught me to step back in these situations and decide how I want to feel about the circumstance instead of reacting immediately and full of emotion. What a change this has made in how I perceive every area of my life. I now feel more in control of how I act instead of feeling like life is spinning all around me and I am just a bystander.
Tiffanie J.

"I no longer look in the mirror and say “mean” things to myself. I look at it every day with gratitude!"

I never ever considered coaching before. It was something that I was not very educated on and didn’t know much about it except it was somewhat similar to therapy. Before being coached by Lara I was not in a good mental state and had many underlying problems (such as anxiety and treating it with food and isolation) that I felt but didn’t really know they were there. Lara was amazing at helping me recognize them as well as understand them at the root of the issues! Since being coached I have been able to mend relationships with loved ones as well as learn to be more forgiving and understanding of actions they have done. I have learned to be more forgiving of myself and the things I have done. But I think what has been the most incredible amazing thing for me during this whole process is that I have found true love for myself! Prior to my coaching sessions I treated myself as someone who was insignificant. I hated my body and didn’t find value in it. I can say with an honest and sincere heart and mind that I truly LOVE MYSELF! For the first time in 28 years of my life I love my body and am proud of the things it has accomplished. I no longer look in the mirror and say “mean” things to myself. I look at it every day with gratitude! And that is a monumental accomplishment! I would highly recommend Lara to everyone! She truly has changed my life for the better! And I love her for it!
Emily P.