Ep 33 Coaching, Therapy, Meds and More


Mental health carries a lot of weight, stigma, and embarrassment that prevents many from reaching out for the help they need. In today's special episode, Lara opens up about her own life of anxiety and depression. 

Drawing on her experiences as a child, mom, and wife, Lara is candid about the tools she's leaned into: therapy, medication, and life coaching (to name a few). And what began as thinking her faith wasn't strong enough has now turned into a deeper faith and a gratitude to God for the bounty of help. Maybe Lara's story can help you uncover the tools you need.

This episode is for you if ...

  • You've ever wondered about the difference between therapy and coaching
  • You're not sure if you should see a therapist or if you should get a coach
  • You've had questions about whether or not you should take medicine
  • You've had the thought, "Well, I've done therapy"
  • Or the thought, "I don't feel like it's the right next step for me" 
  • You also may be contemplating, "What...
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Ep 19 Create Gratitude by Letting Go of "Negative Gratitude"


Do you try to "look at the brighter side" anytime you feel negative emotions? If so, you are practicing "Negative Gratitude." Instead, take a deeper dive into your positive and negative emotions so that you can create a joyful gratitude practice that honors what you feel while fueling your daily life.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The more we try to fix emotions we don't want, the more we amplify them 
  • Why allowing others to be seen and heard is the most loving thing 
  • "Looking at the brighter side" is not always the best advice
  • Emotions are simply vibrations in our body that we label "good/bad"
  • How to see feelings as waves that rise and then fall away
  • Feeling an emotion we don't like does not mean something has gone wrong
  • How to see emotions as cyclical and be willing to experience the full range 
  • The most loving question we can ask before "spewing negative gratitude"
  • How deep breathing allows you to "blow into the vibration" of feelings
  • The 3 steps to...
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Ep 17 How to Make Goals Not Suck (Part 2)


In this episode, we’ll continue to explore the tools to help you reach your goals and make the process of goal setting NOT suck and view the steps as a blessing that helps you create freedom and a life by design.

We’re going to continue to heal your relationship with your goals so you can fall in love with the process, and dig in deeper to The Goal Cycle which I introduced in episode 16.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to look at goals as a blessing
  • There’s no right way to set and achieve goals
  • How to work with your own brain, not against it
  • To apply the principles to fit you personally
  • Understand how intention creates your results 
  • Allowing your inner compass to drive the bus
  • Who you need to BE each day to reach your goal
  • You’ll get curious about doubt and why it’s there
  • Become a master at turning obstacles into opportunities
  • Learn to quiet the “it’s not working” tape in your head
  • Celebrating your progress is the...
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Ep 15 How to Avoid the “Back to School Bonk


As you crawl to the close of summer, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking life will be easier once school starts. But, if experience has taught you anything, you know you’re trading one kind of crazy for another.

When this happens, it’s easy to hit a wall with your energy reserves. This means you stop playing and being present with your family, and go into “hulk mode” because you have so much to do.

But there’s another way to keep your energy levels up while still managing the crazy and being the present, playful mom you want to be.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What it means to hit the “Back to School Bonk;”
  • 5 things to keep your energy reserves up;
  • How to mentally prepare for the next big transition;
  • Systems you can do to support yourself during this transition;
  • How to increase your energy reserves in preparation for the transition;
  • Ways to celebrate the HUGE success you’ve had this summer!

How to...

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Ep 14 7 Tips for Dealing with the Storms of Life


It’s not a matter of IF the Storms of Life will happen, it’s a matter of WHEN. These can be big life events, or small like a busy season with kids’ activities, before your period, prepping for vacations, or transitioning to summer break.

Regardless of the storm and it's size, it’s essential for you to have the skills to support yourself through it. This will help the storm be less painful and more filled with self-love, compassion, and empathy.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why your brain freaks out when a life storm happens;
  • What happens to your body during a life storm;
  • How to stay calm for yourself and your family;
  • 7 tips to support yourself during a storm.

Want the Shit Shame Storm checklist? It includes all 7 steps to help you support yourself through any storm life brings to you.

Click here to receive your free checklist:
Shit Shame Storm Checklist

How to Connect with Lara:

Web: www.larajohnsoncoaching.com

Instagram: ...

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