Ep 19 Create Gratitude by Letting Go of "Negative Gratitude"


Do you try to "look at the brighter side" anytime you feel negative emotions? If so, you are practicing "Negative Gratitude." Instead, take a deeper dive into your positive and negative emotions so that you can create a joyful gratitude practice that honors what you feel while fueling your daily life.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The more we try to fix emotions we don't want, the more we amplify them 
  • Why allowing others to be seen and heard is the most loving thing 
  • "Looking at the brighter side" is not always the best advice
  • Emotions are simply vibrations in our body that we label "good/bad"
  • How to see feelings as waves that rise and then fall away
  • Feeling an emotion we don't like does not mean something has gone wrong
  • How to see emotions as cyclical and be willing to experience the full range 
  • The most loving question we can ask before "spewing negative gratitude"
  • How deep breathing allows you to "blow into the vibration" of feelings
  • The 3 steps to...
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