Ep 20 When Following Your Passions Can Ruin Your Life


Have you ever gotten burned by your passions, only to feel like you have to take time away from them?  If your passions require more than the resources you have to give, such as your time, money, or energy, then this episode is for you. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The 5 "rocks" to help you create boundaries to enjoy guilt-free passions
  • Why it's important to conserve your energy so you don't burn out  
  • How keep the fire going so your passions don't fizzle
  • How passions stop feeling fun when other areas of your life are suffering
  • Steps for taking inventory to see if your passions still light you up or not

When these 5 "rocks" or boundaries are in place, your passions become the fuel, the mark that you leave on the world. 

They won’t over consume you to the point where you have to take off long periods of time to recover, or that you have to manage guilt because your relationships aren’t as strong as you want them to be.


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Ep 7 Fill Your Tank By Following Your Joy


You are EXPERT at getting things done. But, your tank of energy is always empty. Well-meaning people suggest that you need to lower your expectations or leave the mess because your kids are “only little once.”

That advice DOESN’T work because you can’t have naked, starving kids running around. There are some things that HAVE TO get done. So you stay stuck in this vicious cycle of exhaustion. 

Until now. I will teach you how to break the cycle so you can live your life on purpose and WITH purpose.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • That joy is the first step to understanding your purpose.
  • The faulty thinking society has about joy;
  • What joy is and how you feel it;
  • How to follow your joy so that you can understand your gifts and talents;
  • The simple tools to feel joy more often in your life;
  • How to use joy to fuel your energy tank.

How to Connect with Lara:

Web: www.larajohnsoncoaching.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/j.lara.johnson/

Facebook: ...

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Ep 6 Discover Your Purpose with This Proven Formula


There’s something calling inside of you. It shows up when you’re watching Moana stare at the ocean or when you’re singing The Greatest Showman’s “A Million Dreams” song. You tell yourself it’s not the right time or season, yet the ringing inside of you doesn’t stop. In fact, it’s growing louder and more painful every day.

These are symptoms that God is calling you to something more. And that more is what you are on this earth to do. That is your purpose. Once you learn how to discover it, you will step into a current that will take you to places you once only dreamed of. And you’ll do that WHILE being the present, playful mom you want to be.

What you'll learn in this episode:

  • What this feeling is inside of you;
  • The 3 most common myths about your purpose;
  • How answering your purpose HELPS you in motherhood;
  • How to work in partnership with God in answering your purpose;
  • The proven AND simple formula that will help you...
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