Ep 12 3 Steps to Overcoming To-Do List Paralysis


You have a lot to do, but you can't get off the couch. Instead, you zone out, scroll on your phone, and then get mad at yourself for wasting time when you should have been getting stuff done.

This is what I call, “To-Do List Paralysis.” It’s an epidemic that affects EVERY mom! Your “To-Do List Paralysis” makes you mad AND causes you to get behind on everything you have to get done. This only adds to your overwhelm and causes you to get more discouraged.

But this doesn’t have to happen, and I’ll show you how to overcome it once and for all so that you can get your to-do list done in less time and with energy to spare.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why “To-Do List Paralysis” happens;
  • The difference between being in “shut down mode” vs. “paralysis;” 
  • How to work with your brain to address it;
  • The 3 simple steps to put yourself IN motion;
  • How to get your to-do list done once you’re in...
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