Ep 24 Creating a Successful Family Schedule


If you struggle with planning a sustainable schedule for your family, this episode shows you how  to revolutionize how you see your relationship with time, by offering a new way to use it with a series of quadrants that compliment your personal style.

You'll get clear on which one you fall into, and how to play with other quadrants so you can understand which ones each of your family members thrives in.

You'll know this episode if for you if ...

  • Creating a schedule for your family leaves a really bad taste in your mouth
  • When you do make a schedule, you feel like you're suffocating
  • You shame yourself for not being more productive
  • You LOVE creating a schedule but HATE that your family doesn't follow it
  • When you block your time, you never complete what you wanted to
  • You find the perfect planner and think, "this is it ... now it will be different!"

If you're not clear on what your relationship is with time, or how you function with it, then it can become a challenge...

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