Ep 26 Love Yourself to Your Goals with Dara Tomasson

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2022

Self-love, self-acceptance and reaching our goals starts with taking care of ourselves. You don't need permission to unconditionally love yourself and your body. The journey begins with curiosity, like a child at play, delighting in all the countless ways our amazing body has our back every minute of every day. 

Dara discovered this for herself, and she invites you to explore this for yourself. She found that the true secret to weight loss was not focusing on the next app or shake, but instead choosing appreciation of where she was, no matter the size and shape of her body, and to have fierce self-acceptance of herself. 

You'll know this episode is for you if ...

  • You find yourself engaging in negative mental self-talk
  • You say you love yourself, but you're not a priority on your to-do list
  • You're stuck playing the comparison game
  • You're living in the land of shoulding yourself

About Dara:

Dara Tomasson spent 6 years as a professional long arm quilter. She is a free motion quilting liberator who helps fellow quilters find their own ‘free motion quilting voice’. Through her in-person workshops, her Youtube channel and online classes, she uses her professional teaching background to build a curriculum that takes the quilter from where they are, helping them to develop new skills.

You will find Dara spending her days helping fellow quilters lose weight and create more joy in their lives as she uses her life coaching skills to help them. Not only does Dara liberate your free motion quilting skills but, she liberates your mind to create what you truly want.

Dara is a certified life coach through the Life Coach School where she has her specialization in weight loss.

Dara has lived in many Canadian cities but currently resides on Vancouver Island with her husband and 5 children. Balancing her creative career and raising kids is the best recipe for success.

How to Connect with Dara:

IG: https://www.instagram.com/dara_tomasson/
Website: https://daratomasson.com
Podcast: https://daratomasson.com/podcast/
Perfectionist Quiz: https://daratomasson.com/quiz/

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How to Connect with Lara:

Web: www.larajohnsoncoaching.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themomonpurpose

Facebook: www.facebook.com/larajohnsoncoaching

Work with Lara: www.larajohnsoncoaching.com/work-with-me/

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