Answering my calling didn’t take away from my life, it magnified it.

About Lara

I’m Lara Johnson, a Certified Life Coach, a mother to 3 angelic tyrants, and a wife to a sexy, and BUSY accountant.

I always knew I wanted to be a mom. I also had big dreams. Once I began my family, I realized the challenges of doing both.

So, I gave up my dreams to do what I felt was right.

I decided to stay home with my kids. I grew to love it. Sure it had its ups and downs (far down in fact…post-partum depression anyone?!). And I worked through a LOT of it.

But, after many years, I found myself doing odd things. Like spending hours reading through job postings, saying yes to EVERYTHING people asked me to do, constantly reorganizing the entire house, and ugly crying that Moana couldn’t fit into her role on the island.

Because deep down I knew I felt called to something beyond the life I had.

I felt SO guilty for it. I had the house, the kids, the dog, the man of my dreams. Why couldn’t I just be satisfied? Clearly there was something wrong with me…or so I thought.

But, the more I ignored it, the louder the ringing got. And I got MAD.

Until one day it dawned on me. The ringing inside of me wasn’t a sign of something wrong. It was a sign of ALL that was RIGHT.

God WAS calling me to more.

And by answering that calling, I could accomplish the work he was asking me to do.

Things didn’t magically become better, but every day I trusted the path I was on and that God was leading me to what I was meant to do.

Now, years later, my life is drastically different than it used to be. The ringing has stopped. It’s been replaced with a deep abiding love for the people I teach, the families I serve, and the work God has asked me to do.

And, my life and relationships are more joyful because of it.

EVERYTHING you feel inside of you right now is real, and it is good. The more you listen to it, the more goodness you create, the more people you serve, and the more joy you feel. Don’t wait another day to answer that calling.

It is possible to do it now. And, I’ll teach you HOW .

Click the button below to schedule a time for your free consultation. During the call, we will talk about the feeling you have, what it means, and the simple process I have created to help you answer it without sacrificing time with your family or your mental well-being.

This is the beginning for you. Everything will change from here.

Are you ready?? Let’s do this together!

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