Living my purpose didn’t add more to my life, it magnified the joy of my life.

About Me

My name is Lara Johnson. I am a mom of 4 beautiful tyrants and 2 spicy cats, wife to a busy accountant, lover and killer of plants, player in dirt and rocks, and am slightly obsessed with books, the mountains, and naps.

Years ago, I knew God was calling me to something more. It felt like a ringing inside of me that I couldn’t answer. It was frustrating and confusing because my top priority was my family. And with the neurodivergent challenges of my kids and the overwhelm of running and managing a busy household, there was no way I could add one more thing to my life.

But the ringing didn’t stop.

After some one on one conversations with God, I knew He wanted to use my gifts and talents, whatever they may be, in another way.

So I started looking at going back to school, scrolling through job posting, starting a nonprofit, increasing my volunteering hours, saying yes to all the things that might satisfy the feeling inside of me.

Instead, I got burned out and overwhelmed by all the responsibilities I had said yes to. Sound familiar?

When I finally pulled back all the layers, I realized I have a deep love for helping people but that it was coming at the cost of my family. And that is not something I am willing to sacrifice.

So with some more heart to hearts with God, I discovered my path to helping others. And it’s NOTHING like I could have imagined.

It first started by discovering WHO I am and who I’m meant to be. I’m not talking about WHAT I’m meant to do, but who I am on a foundational level. The Soul that’s underneath the things I do.

As I practiced being her more often, I discovered the things that light me UP. The things that come easy and natural to  me. The things that bring me the most JOY. This is where I discovered my God-given gifts and talents.

From there I used my joy as a compass on my path forward. I went back to school to become a certified life coach to better understand the inner workings of the brain and body. I applied what I learned to my home and family so that I could keep those priorities as the foundation for everything else I do. I started my own business so that I could care for the unique needs of my family while fulfilling the purpose God has called me to.

The road hasn’t been linear or easy, but the more I lean on God and trust my own gifts and talents, the easier it is to co-create with Him to create the life I was always meant to live. And that’s a fulfilling, rewarding place to be.

I say all this to help you know I’ve been right where you are right now. Overwhelmed and frustrated in life knowing that your family is top priority, but not seeing a way to answer your purpose without neglecting those priorities. 

I also know the pain of not knowing who you are anymore. You miss the person that used to be full of life, hopes, and dreams, but now feels drained by the monotony and grind of daily life.

I know you love your life but feel so guilty that you’re not happier in it. Because I used to feel the same way. And that no matter how many times you set a new goal or word intention, or how many times you go on a girls night or family vacation, it doesn’t fix the funk you’re stuck in.

Dear friend, it hurts right now, but I promise it doesn’t have to hurt going forward.

God has invited you here for a reason. I don’t know what that reason is, but here is what I can promise you. Whether we work together or not, you are welcome to this movement. The movement of moms living their lives on purpose.

Because I believe we as women, wives, and mothers are being called to something more. But it doesn’t mean we’re adding more to our lives. It means we’re magnifying our gifts and talents by knowing who we are and who we’re meant to be.

That will require some specific skills to ensure the foundation of your family and home life stays intact. I promise I’ll teach you those skills, and work with you to apply them. So you don’t have to be alone on the island of motherhood and life. But that you have a companion working beside you.

I also promise you, the feeling you have is real. You are being called to something more. It’s time to answer it.

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