When comfortable no longer brings comfort

I know the last few years for you have been pretty similar. You’ve gotten into a routine with your kids. You rotate through cleaning the same countertop and washing the same clothes. You even have a set driving route home that passes by the same landmarks and buildings every day.

You live a comfortable life. You feel like you should be happy, and you mostly are happy. Yet, something feels unsettling. You feel like you should be doing something, but you don’t know what it is. You become restless with this urge inside of you, waiting to be answered. You often wonder if you’re fulfilling your purpose.

You realize that you no longer feel comfortable in your comfort, yet the thought of changing something up brings a sense of discomfort. You find yourself being afraid of the change you want to make.

What you are experiencing is completely normal! Every person goes through the same “growing pains” to become comfortable with discomfort.

Over a year ago, my left a job that I had worked at for more than 5 years. It was a job I loved, but one that did not move me toward my long term goals. I had to be willing to embrace discomfort in order to reach my goals, so I quit my job and started my own life coaching business.

I recently had the opportunity to go back to my old job and help while they hire a replacement of someone in the department. I knew it would be a fun opportunity to see many of my old coworkers I love and help with a job I enjoy.

The moment I walked into the building, I felt like I was home. I saw people I haven’t seen in over a year. I felt comfortable doing the work, and it came back so naturally. I realized how much I had missed my previous job, and I quickly had the thought I could easily go back and do this again.

Suddenly, I became very uncomfortable in my comfort. I realized how much I have grown in the last year as a result of the discomfort I have been willing to feeling. I thought of the many new relationships I have since made and the skills I have developed. I thought of how I have become a better version of myself in the process as I’ve strived for big goals once again.

In that moment, I longed to feel discomfort again because that has become my new comfort.

So, what are the goals you’d like to achieve? What is currently holding you back?

In order to strive for these goals, you have to first take a step back to recognize your thoughts around discomfort. Your brain may be telling you of all the awful things about discomfort. That’s ok, let it for a moment. What is happening inside of your body when you think about discomfort? Do you feel tense, anxious, or nauseated?

Once you start experiencing the discomfort, ask yourself how your life would be different if you were willing to feel it? Would you try a new hobby or go after a new job? Would you join a public speaking group, start a non profit, or climb a peak despite your fear of heights?

Now, give your brain the opportunity to consider all the good that has come into your life when you have been willing to feel discomfort. Perhaps you felt uncomfortable on your first date with your spouse. Maybe you tried a new food for the first time only to discover you love it. I know you felt uncomfortable buckling in your brand new baby and driving away from the hospital knowing you and your spouse were on your own, but think of all the amazing things that have happened since that moment of discomfort.

Once you have a list of all the good that has come from discomfort, notice how your body has changed. Do you feel more hopeful, positive, or open? That’s the place you want to be because once you find the positive that can come from discomfort, nothing will stop you from moving forward.

Still not sure? That’s ok, let’s do it together! I will show you how to feel discomfort and teach you why you want to. I will be there to guide you through finding your next step, and how to find the courage within you to reach out and take it. Before long, discomfort will become your new comfort. I can’t wait!

Click here to send me an email. Put in the subject line, “I’m ready!” and I will take it from there to set up a consult so we can start now creating a roadmap for you so that you can create a life full of growth. Talk soon!

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