I often become good friends with someone *after* I see their dirty floors. It’s not because I think less of them, but because it’s a reminder to me that they are human, like me.

Brene Brown states, “Vulnerability is the last thing I want you to see in me, but the first thing I look for in you.”

Putting myself out here to all of you as a life coach has opened the door for all of you to see my many flaws and inadequacies. Every part of me wants to shrink and hide. I feel horribly vulnerable. Yet, I admire each of you for showing up in your humanness.

True strength lies in our vulnerabilities. Not because vulnerabilities are weaknesses, but because we willingly expose ourselves to our emotions without defense. We are showing our humanness, and that takes courage.

So here I am, friends. I am showing up in a way that I have rarely done before. I am allowing myself to feel all the emotions that come with this human territory without resisting or avoiding them. And in so doing, I’m becoming a better version of myself, for myself ?

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