This picture is for my kids

This picture is for my kids.

My 7-year-old is big into computers right now. He is mesmerized to think of a world that exists through the laptops his dad and I work on. So, I have shown him every step of the website building process that I’ve done. *Let’s be real though, my amazing web developer, Jennie Lakenan did the real work!*

After I showed him something I was so proud of myself for doing, his only reply was, “But, where’s the picture of us?”

In his mind, when someone is special to you, you include their picture. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business website or a bedroom wall, pictures of the ones you love matter.

I could probably coach him about how this is a thought, and ask him how this thought makes him feel. I could ask him what he’s making it mean if his picture isn’t on my website. In the end though, I agree with his thought. And since my thoughts create my results, my home is filled with pictures of the ones I love.

Thoughts are never a problem until they give you a result you don’t want. You can keep any thought you choose, as long as you like the reason, Mama.

So, this blog post is for him, and my other kids. This is a picture of my family because I choose to think when someone is special to you, you include their picture.

I would love to teach you about the thoughts you’re having right now, and the results you want in your life. Grab one of my free coaching calls, and we’ll dive in!

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