The one sentence that makes me want to cry.

It’s almost midnight, my husband is still at work, I have attempted writing 17 different blog posts, and my brain keeps telling me “I can’t do it.”

The funny thing is my brain told me this same sentence when I was trying to troubleshoot our internet with the internet customer support rep. He asked me about ethernet cables, a POE on some box, and what kind of modem I had. I almost started crying.

“I can’t do it” also showed up during dinner time, and bedtime, and the in-between times. It showed up today more times than I can or want to count. And every time it showed up, I wanted to cry.

But, I KNOW I can do it. I show up for my kids. I work my business. I run a home. I serve others. I foster relationships. I troubleshoot technology. I do “it” every single day.

Brains are very tricky, mama. I bet if you slow down enough today, you’ll find a sentence your brain wants to keep feeding you. Once you see it, you’ll realize you have the power over it. And, that’s a good place to be.

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