The one question that makes you a little crazy

No matter how many times you explain that your husband is a different kind of accountant, the “is your husband surviving tax season?” question just keeps coming.

For some of you reading this, he may actually do taxes. Awesome! For many others, you don’t feel like anyone understands that things don’t magically get better after April 15th.

When this question used to come up for me, I would dive into an educational discourse about how auditors do a different kind of accounting. I would explain how my husband has multiple busy seasons, and how clients always have different deals going on that require him to work long hours all year long.

After many minutes of ranting, I would always be met with, “Well, I’m sure he’ll be glad when April 15th comes!” I would secretly scream inside.

When I look back to my thoughts from that time, I can understand why it bothered me so much. I had many thoughts of, “Don’t they get how hard this is for me?” or “This doesn’t go away after April 15th.”

I felt like if they understood what I was going through, it would somehow make me feel better.

Once I realized I was seeking someone to validate my suffering, I changed my focus to validating myself. When I did, I realized feeling better was within my control. I didn’t need validation from others to feel better, I needed to work on my own thoughts instead.

Now, I no longer feel the  need to explain the industry to every person that asks about tax season. And, when people ask me if my husband is looking forward to April 15th, I just smile and say “Yes, I’m sure April 15th is going to be a lovely spring day.”

If you’d like to dive into your thoughts about busy season with someone that knows what you’re going through, click on the link below.



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