So, You’ve Hit A Wall…Now What?

“I’ve hit a wall. I feel stuck in my life, and I don’t know what to do to change it.”

I hear different variations of this phrase from my clients all the time. I see similar thoughts show up in my brain, too.

These thoughts remind me of a time in my life when I couldn’t do stairs. I live in a two-story raised rambler, so in order to leave or enter my house, there is a steep staircase that must be used. I had just delivered my third baby, and had physical complications that resulted with me being in a wheelchair.

During that time I experimented with ways to get up and down my stairs. Sometimes someone helped me down and up, other times I slid on my bum. Sometimes I stayed downstairs until I had the courage to tackle the stairs. Most of the time, it took many tears and at least 10 minutes for me to get up the stairs.

Many months passed before I could go down and up my stairs in any kind of reasonable time frame. There was also never a day when it magically came back, but each day the pain slowly lessened.

What if I would have concluded during that time that I was stuck or that I had no idea how to overcome the obstacle of stairs in my house? I am positive my recovery would have been longer had I not gone to my many doctor’s appointments.

The reason why I share this with you is to help you see your own thoughts around being stuck. Stuck is a state of mind. The wall you are experiencing is your primitive brain trying to help you conserve energy and time.

You are in control of your thoughts, friend. If you so choose, you can turn that wall into your next step of your staircase.

So, the next time you are feeling stuck or that you’ve hit a wall, ask yourself, “What is one thing I can do right now?” Chances are your brain will answer you with the exact next step in whatever it is you are working on.

I know it can feel daunting to tackle your “staircase.” I am here to help you! Click below to schedule a consult call with me where we will explore how to turn your wall into your next step.


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