Podcast Guest Episode: The Bad Bitch Entrepreneur

Practical Strategies for Mompreneurs with Lara Johnson

Melanie Childers:

What does running a business look like when you’re a mom? I asked my friend Lara Johnson to join me for a conversation on some of the struggles of being a full time entrepreneur and mom and some really practical strategies that she uses in her own home and business.

Having a feminist business means creating a business that works for your life and how you run your home. There’s no one right way to do it, but there are many practical tools that you can try. It’s easy to take a tool, think it’s the only way it can work, and give up on it when things don’t pan out. Tune in with an open mind, a willingness to try some things, and prepare to have MORE FUN and more free time.

So tune in for . . .

How to set up systems in your home to handle family and the business
Why it’s so important to try a variety of strategies
The 1% tweaks to make to help you run your biz better
Why breaking the rules of business leads to more success
How to do a time audit to find more hours in your day
… and SO much more!

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