Podcast Guest Episode: Calming the Chaos

Let’s talk ditching the “shoulds” with Lara Johnson!​

Sarah Young: Hey hey mamas! Today I am talking with Lara Johnson about ditching the “shoulds” and developing a system that works for your own household. Lara has been married for 14 years, has 3 beautiful tyrants, 2 spicy cats, and a Womb Baby on the way. She has the best job in the world helping moms live their lives ON purpose and WITH purpose. In her free time she likes to grow and kill plants, play with pretty rocks, awkwardly dance in the kitchen, read too many books, and spend time with God, nature, and her family. As a speaker, podcast host, writer, consultant, and coach, she has helped thousands of moms be in a better mood, play more with their kids, manage their homes better, get their to-do lists done, and answer their God-given purpose.

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