Negative Gratitude Might Be Bringing You Down

Did you know there was such a thing as Negative Gratitude? This is something that comes up frequently when I’m coaching clients.

If often sounds really positive when we say it out loud. “I should enjoy this time with my kids, they’re only little once.” “I should be a better wife and stop nagging my spouse.” Or, the classic, “I should be grateful for everything I have, so many people have less.” After a while, you start “shoulding” all over yourself.

When you stop to think how these thoughts affect you, you’ll find that feelings of guilt, sadness, resentment, or even frustration may come up. You begin to act on these feelings in negative ways.

Focusing on your thoughts can help you change to Positive Gratitude. It may look like, “I am grateful for my baby’s kisses today.” “I am a great wife.” Or, “I am grateful my husband cares about me.”

Try to catch yourself saying “should” this week. Take a moment to pause when you do, and see if you can rephrase it. I guarantee you’ll feel a difference.

If you want help knowing how to apply this, sign up for one of my free min-sessions. You know it’s time to stop feeling so down, and to start feeling better.


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