I Love Therapy and Life Coaching

The experiences I have had with therapy have been life changing. I am grateful for the therapists I have encountered personally, and for members of my family.

Therapy came at a time when I had severe postpartum depression. I was barely functioning. The therapist I saw helped me heal from past traumas, as well as diagnose and address the disorder I was experiencing after my second baby.

The therapist I now frequent is for one of my children to address some of the mental disorders this child experiences. This therapist is a blessing to my family.

Life coaching found me at a time when I was functioning in my life, but still found myself unhappy. My husband was working at a Big 4 accounting firm. We knew he would be there for several more years. I felt trapped by the pieces I was constantly left with on the home front while he felt pulled in every direction by the demands of his job.

Life coaching helped me find the happiness I was seeking without my husband ever leaving public accounting. The tools I have learned, and the tools I now teach others, have helped me create the future I want for myself, and my family.

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