How To Propel Yourself Toward Your Goal

Have you ever set a goal, but each time you tried to move forward it feels as though your body freezes, your brain is filled with fog, and your feet are wearing lead shoes. It is as though the universe is holding you back from reaching that goal.

In the last few years, I have felt like this with my health goals. Exercise has not been part of my life for more than two years. During my pregnancy with my third child, I had severe complications which lasted for many months after. Once mobility came back, I guarded my hips and pelvis with my life knowing the pain that can come if something were to happen to them again. What I didn’t realize though was the fear of pain was stopping me from living my life.

This realization came as I was coaching a client a while back. The last time she exercised regularly, she had complications with her health. Although the health complications and exercise were not correlated, her subconscious would kick in causing her to freeze each time she started to move forward with her exercise goals.

When I recognized my fear of pain, I started to take courage by facing it. While out on my walk one morning, I had the sudden urge to run. I have never been a “runner” by most people’s standards, and it had probably been at least 5 years since I had done so for exercise. But, the thought I had was “just run for 20 steps.” I counted every one of those steps.

Each time I went out, I kept the thought, “just run for 20 more steps than you did last time.” And, each time I would get to 20 steps and realize it wasn’t as bad, so I’d try for 20 more. It’s been two weeks now, and I went from running 20 steps to now running a mile. That length will continue to grow as I take it 20 steps at a time.

This same concept applies to you as well, “Just run 20 steps.” This thought will help you bypass your body freezing, and allow you to concentrate on small, doable actions that will propel you forward toward your goal.

Whatever it is you want, you can achieve by focusing on only 20 steps ahead of you. Take 20 more steps the next day, and then the next. In a week, a month, or even a year, the progress you will make will astound you.

And, I am here for you cheering you on!! I know you can do it. Click below to send me an email so I can start right now being there for you as you move toward your goal. Just type, “I’m interested” in the subject line, and hit send. I’ll take it from there by reaching back out to schedule a time for you. I know it takes courage to send that email; you can take that step of courage. Because you deserve a coach and a fan club.

You’ve got this! I’m ready to see you take those 20 steps!


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