I’m still a hot mess, but now I’ve got skills

I am a hot mess that enjoys life.

“Do you feel pressure to have it all together now that you’re a life coach?” It was a fair question one of my friends asked me the other day. My reply was, “Nope, I’m still a hot mess, but at least I know what to do about it now.”

If you run into me at the store, you’ll see that it’s probably been days since I’ve showered. If you see me grabbing a bite to eat, you’ll probably see my kids running amuck while I’m making out with food that I didn’t have to cook.

You see, my life circumstances haven’t changed. My husband still works constantly. I still work from home in whatever hours I can find. My kids are normal, crazy, beautiful tyrants. And yes, my house is usually a mess I’m trying to contain.

But yet, everything has changed. I understand why I sometimes snap at my kids. I work through it, apologize, and try again. I understand what to do when I’m feeling sad. Sometimes I still stress eat the fudge I was going to save for my husband (shhhh….), but I stop and allow the emotion, and try again. By understanding this, I now feel a deeper joy than I’ve ever before experienced.

You and I both are humans having a human experience. That means you are going to feel a range of emotions all the time, and that’s ok. You’re also going to make mistakes, and that’s ok too. But, knowing what to do with those feelings and those mistakes is what will change your life.

It’s time to start moving toward change. It makes all the difference for you and the human experience you are having.

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