Ep 71: Why I Didn’t Set Goals in 2023

As I’ve been thinking about you and thinking about my last year, I wanted to come clean on something.  Some people sometimes hear me on the podcast and think that my life is perfect, that I’m doing everything right and that I’m reaching all of my goals. 

But I wanted to just come clean on the fact that in 2023, I didn’t set goals at all. I took a break from goals, and the reason why I want to share that is because there is this kind of underlying mindset that you always have to be growing and that works for some people, but also sometimes that doesn’t work.

This episode is a testament to finding beauty in life’s winters and the joy that comes from savoring the present.

What you’ll learn in this episode:  

  • Taking breaks from setting goals and allow yourself a “non-growth year”
  • Strategies for living with purpose even when you’re not pursuing new goals
  • Growth is not the only path to happiness
  • How to reassess goals to check if they are driven by true desire or simply habit
  • How small shifts in daily routines can lead to significant positive changes

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