Ep 55: If God Be for Us, Who Can Be Against Us?

Ever feel like the world is against you, especially in those challenging moments of parenting, managing your home or pursuing your purpose? What if I told you that you’re not alone and that there’s a force cheering for you, making those obstacles seem less daunting?

This episode is an intimate discourse on how recognizing God’s presence in our lives can reinforce feelings of love, gratitude, and partnership. Whether it’s about parenting, managing our homes, or pursuing our purpose, understanding that God is cheering for us can make a world of difference. So, take a moment, breathe deep, and let’s together embrace the comforting truth that God is for us.

This Episode is For You If: 

  • You’re feeling like the world is against you
  • You want to be reminded that they’re not alone in their struggles
  • You wish to learn how to better manage life’s obstacles
  • You want to develop a deeper understanding of the role of divine partnership in overcoming life’s hurdles

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Full Transcript:
 Welcome to the Mom On Purpose Podcast. I’m Lara Johnson and I’m here to teach you how to get out of your funk, be in a better mood, play more with your kids, manage your home better, get your to-do list done and live your life on purpose. With my proven method, this is possible for you, and I’ll show you how. We’re not alone anymore. We’re in this together. Hello, so good to talk to you. I hope you are having a wonderful, beautiful day. As you can hear, I’m a little stiffly. I do apologize for that. The joy of being in Utah this time of year is my allergies are through the roof, so if you were here seeing me in my house, it would not be a delightful sight. Let’s just put it that way. But actually, I wanted to do just a shorter episode today. We’ve got a couple of book clubs that are coming up. We had broken down the 12 rules for life into a couple book clubs, but we also have book club the next book club, book that will be coming before too long and so I figured we would just have a little bit of a break and have a shorter one today, because we’ve got some longer ones coming in the future. But as I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to share today, I wanted to just step away from this episode is for you for just a second and just kind of speak from my heart. Today In my church I have been assigned to teach Sunday school, which is just the part where we’ll Sunday school to teenagers that are 14, 15 years old, so they’re like ninth grade, so there’s freshmen and sophomores in grade and 10th grade and today was the first time that I got to teach them and it was really fascinating. Because we’re in the New Testament, we’re reading in Romans, in which Paul is there teaching the Roman people. And there was one of the verses it was a little bit kind of just out in the midst of things and it wasn’t really a focus like on the, you know, in the lesson, but it really stood out to me that I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you on. So, the verse is Romans, chapter eight, verse 31. And it says if God be for us, who can be against us? And I love that Well, for a couple different reasons, and it just is really beautiful. I think it gives us an opportunity to kind of step back and really anchor our face in him, and I’m grateful for that, because it’s so easy to get caught up in the things that we’re doing. It’s to kind of lean on our own strength sometimes and I think we forget that God is actually like rooting for us, that that he is there by our side in everything that we’re doing. But the second you know part of that and who can be against us? And when I first read that it reminded me a lot of like an army, almost. As you know. It felt very warrior, like to me, like who can be against us? Rally, cry. But I started thinking about that as I’ve just kind of gone throughout the day and I didn’t even talk about this in my Sunday school lesson with the youth. But it’s just that on my mind and my heart for you, because most of us are not in a position where we are rallying, crying, like going to battle, but so many of us feel like the world is against us in some way. Whether that’s struggle that we’re being faced with our children it might be. As we’re answering our purpose, it feels like nobody’s hearing us or supporting us or even understanding why we’re wanting to do something. You know, I feel like that can happen at times, you know, with our partner, for example, our spouse, when we’re really feeling called to something and they don’t understand why. And in trying to explain that to them, it’s not that they’re wanting to necessarily fight against us, it’s that they just don’t understand the compass that we have within our own heart, the things that we are being called to do. And so, when I thought about this. It just really made me think of you that if God be with or for us, then who can be against us? So, I just wanted to share that, that small thought with you as you’re going throughout the day. I want you just to take a moment to like take a deep breath and think about what would be different today if God was by your side, cheering you on every step of the way. How would you show up in your day? How would you approach your goals? How would you think about the purpose and the thing that you’re working towards, even if you don’t know what that thing is right now? How would you feel as you move forward in everything that you’re doing and your parenting, even in the cleaning of your house and the managing of your home? Would you react differently if you felt like God was there cheering you on? So, just consider that as you go throughout the day is that God is for you, he is there cheering you on, and the more you feel that, the more you lean into that, the more love and gratitude and companionship and partnership and co-creation you’re going to feel with him. And the things that feel like they’re coming against you right now, the obstacles that are in your path, those will start to resolve. They’ll start to disappear or even dissipate, and I promise you, I’ve seen that happen so many times in my life, and especially as I’ve been growing my business, as I’ve been doing that with the challenges of my family, even the challenges that my husband’s work that brings into our home. Sometimes it feels impossible to keep going like there’s no path forward, and the more that I spend time with God, the more I’m able to see the path start to unfold before me. It’s not always clear, it’s not always far into the path, sometimes it’s just the next one step and that’s okay. But I feel the love and the partnership and companionship of God with me on that journey and. I promise, the more you imagine him there, the more you will feel that too, the easier it will become to follow whatever it is that you feel called to do. Have a wonderful day. Thank you for listening. Please share, review and subscribe to this podcast so that, together, we can live life on purpose.

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