Ep 42: 5 Steps to Being More Present in Your Life

Ep 42: 5 Steps to Being More Present in Your Life

If you’re constantly saying to yourself  “I want to be more present,” you’re discrediting everything that you are already doing that creates the presence you seek.

You get trapped in this framework of  “not enough-ness,” and the drive to do more, be more becomes a tiring cycle, and that in order to check off the good mom box, you have to be fully engaged every moment of every time of the day. 

This episode invites you to really step back, and ask yourself:  why am I not actually present right now? 

When you tune in, you’ll learn these 5, easy to put into practice steps: noticing, pausing, giving your brain something to solve, breathing in the moment, and how to give your brain a focused container of time to practice presence.   

This Episode is For You If:

  • You have said you want to be more present in your life
  • You feel bad that your mind is wandering when you’re with loved ones
  • You have a hard time turning your brain off 
  • You forgot who you were before you had kids
  • You think you’ll feel less guilty once you master being more present 

You can give yourself permission to add these daily little on-the-go moment to moment bits of awareness, and even just a minute or two is progress. 

When you test drive these easy steps to be more present, you just may catch yourself by surprise and notice without even trying that you have more presence in your life. 

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