Ep 40: When Your Husband Doesn’t Support Your Dreams with Sharon Costanzo

Sharon Costanzo is a relationship and communication coach, and she’s on the podcast today to discuss the challenges women face in pursuing their goals and dreams while maintaining their roles within the family.

We dove into the importance of being honest and vulnerable with one’s spouse, even if it means letting go of control over the conversation’s outcome. Sharon empowers women to stop walking on eggshells, and have conversations that matter.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to negotiate healthy conflict in a partnership
  • Why it’s important to maintain individuality in relationships
  • How to navigate discomfort in your marriage 
  • How to stop asking for permission to create real partnership 

How to connect with Sharon: 

About Sharon:
Sharon Costanzo left her job after her second child was born to become a very unhappy and unfulfilled stay-at-home mom to two babies under two. She argued with her husband constantly about his lack of support and appreciation for all the work she was doing on her own. After she hit rock bottom, Sharon finally learned how to speak up for herself.  Today, Sharon helps women with their own transformation, and provides insights on what it takes to stop having unproductive conversations and start talking about what really matters. 

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