Ep 37: Goals are Just Decisions in Disguise Part 1

Ep 37: Goals are Just Decisions in Disguise Part 1

“I’m going to make it happen this time.”

“Goals are useless.”

“I don’t even bother because I’ll never be able to do it anyway.”

Do any of those sound like things you’ve said before? In today’s episode, Lara is guiding us into the mindset behind goals and how we can learn to recognize the patterns that got us where we are today. She even walks us through a small exercise to connect with our emotional response to the word “goal.”

When it comes down to it, a goal is just a decision to do something. And when we can begin to understand our beliefs about the goal, we’re better equipped to make the best decision. Join Lara to begin that discovery today.

This Episode is For You If:

  • When you say the word “goals,” you have a physical reaction to it
  • If you find your body so triggered that you don’t want to set any goals, because you have so much experience with not committing.
  • If you find yourself really determined, really ready to grind, with the idea that “this time will be different”
  • You find yourself shrinking away from the word “goals,” and thinking you aren’t good enough

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