Ep 36: The Benefits of the What If Game

Ep 36: The Benefits of the What If Game

You’ve read all the books, talked to tons of people, and consumed every parenting article out there. And instead of feeling better, worry takes over as your brain swirls with questions and self-criticism. 

But, what if that what-if game could work for your benefit? Today, Lara’s going to walk you through a method for facing worry head-on. It all starts with recognizing what is in our control vs. what’s out of our control. When we lean in and really feel the difference, we’re going to see just how much is possible… in a good way.

This Episode is For You If:

  • You’ve ever worried nonstop about your kids, your house, your marriage, but you’re not actually acting on anything
  • You worry that one parenting moment, or mistake, is going to affect their entire future
  • You have specific hopes and goals for your child, but you can’t figure out how to get them there
  • You read a lot of articles and books, talk to people, and look up the research, and it just spins and spins in your head

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