Ep 35: Clean Pain vs. Dirty Pain

Ep 35 Clean Pain vs. Dirty Pain

As humans, we’ve got a lot of emotions and big feelings about things, and they aren’t always good. It’s painful to feel uncomfortable, angry, resentful, guilty. But there’s something even worse: adding shame on top of it all.

In today’s episode, Lara talks about clean pain vs. dirty pain, and how we can choose which one to deal with. It comes down to the negative thoughts and whether you’re going to let yourself talk to you that way anymore.

If you think you’re not enough, too slow, too much, need to get better, then Lara’s three steps will help you clarify whether those thoughts are true or not.

This Episode is For You If:

  • You ever have the thought you should be doing more or you should be doing something better, or you should be further along
  • You think, “Why can’t I just be better, do better, act better…”
  •  You’re holding back from your goals because you have a fear of failure, of rejection, of feeling bad

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