Ep 34: Motherhood Mindset Shifts

Ep 34: Motherhood Mindset Shifts

Bringing little humans into the world bears with it the heavy realization that we’re responsible for making sure they grow up with the right skills, values, and lessons to be good adults. It’s a thought that can literally keep us up at night. 

Over the years, Lara’s learned that while we do need to teach our young ones, we’re also still humans living a human experience. In today’s episode, she shares three powerful, yet subtle, mindset shifts of motherhood that will hopefully bring things back to center and bring a little peace to your heart.

This Episode is For You If: 

  • You’ve ever felt an urgency to fill your kids up with all the important lessons as soon as you can 
  • You feel burdened by the responsibility of ensuring they become good humans in the world 
  • You feel a lot of guilt about not being good enough, making mistakes, or not showing up the way you intend  

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