Ep 32: Client Success Story with Jenni Vicknair

Ep 32 Client Success Story with Jenni Vicknair

Join Lara as she interviews a very special guest, Jenni Vicknair, about the challenges, a-ha moments, and effects that coaching has had on her life.  Through laughter and shared stories from their sessions, Lara and Jenni exemplify the beauty of coaching, of opening to Jesus’s guidance, and of becoming the best version of who you want to be. Listen in and find out just how powerful working with a coach can be.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The part of Jenni that she hadn’t connected with in a long time and how Lara brought it into the open
  • Why coaching is one of the best self-investments a mom can make
  • Some of the advice and analogies that Lara used to help Jenni see the trickle-down effect that her growth was having on the family

Featured in this episode:

About Jenni:
Jenni Vicknair is a mom of three, a Christian, an entrepreneur, and a wife with a huge heart for helping families SIMPLIFY their lives. After sixteen years in the pharmaceutical industry and just as much time spent wasting money, eating out, and rushing about, she took the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University and started changing her life, discovering a whole new mindset about what health, wellness, and self-care really mean. With Jesus leading the way and love at her core, Jenni helps others by showing them how to SIMPLIFY in ways that clear out the noise and open the way toward true physical, spiritual, and financial peace.

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