Ep 30: Create Your Own Goal Rulebook


Ep 30: Create Your Own Goal Rulebook

Are you waiting to achieve a goal before you feel good about yourself? Chances are you have a lot of strong thoughts and feelings about goals, internalizing them in so many negative ways that you’ve lost sight of the direction you want to go. It’s time to erase all that background chatter around goals and get back to basics. 

In today’s episode, Lara Johnson walks you through the simple act of creating your own Goals Rulebook. Once you understand that you get to create the rules around your goals, suddenly, everything you want to achieve becomes clear as a bell.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why feeling good about yourself has nothing to do with achieving goals
  • How to tap into your body to uncover how you really feel about goals
  • Ways to uncover why you want to achieve a specific goal
  • How to put together your own Goal Rulebook
  • Why letting go of what you should do gets you closer to what you want to do

Listen to the Full Episode:

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