Ep 29: The Gift of Receiving


Ep 29: The Gift of Receiving

As moms, we love to teach our children the gift of giving. Moms are the best at giving, serving their children, family, and community. But … how are you with receiving? How about asking for or accepting help? That’s a level of discomfort that can make even the strongest of us squirm. In today’s episode of the Mom on Purpose Podcast, Lara Johnson takes us deep into the gifts we can receive when we let ourselves be vulnerable. 

 What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why being like Jesus Christ means receiving like Jesus Christ
  • How asking for and accepting help are real acts of love
  • Some resources to help you learn about and work with your vulnerability
  • Why our relationships really matter

So many of us think we’re failing or weak if we accept help, but Lara is here to remind us that it’s not selfish or weak … it’s self-love.

Featured in this episode: 

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