Ep 21. Increase Your Capacity to Feel Joy

Part of being on this earth is to feel and experience joy. When we feel the full spectrum of emotions, including negative ones, we increase our capacity to feel more joy than we are currently feeling right now. This is the fullness of life that God wants us to experience.

This episode is for you if …

  • You find yourself pushing away  emotions that you think are silly
  • You wonder when the “shoe is going to drop” because things feel really good 
  • You reach a goal and immediately move to the next one without celebration
  • Deep down you are uncomfortable feeling joy so you dismiss it

Learn the steps to increase your capacity to feel joy so you don’t sabotage yourself from the full experience of it and see that no matter what life dishes out, you can handle the full spectrum of emotions that come your way. 

You got this 🙂 

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