Ep 1. You Are Worth Celebrating

Every time you set a goal and tell yourself you didn’t do a good enough job. Or minimized how much you got done on your to-do list. Or focused on all the ways you are failing as a mom, your brain THINKS it’s helping you become better. In reality, it’s causing you to drown in the good life you have.

Learning how to celebrate yourself is the ONE SKILL that will change that. It will give you the fuel and encouragement to keep going. It will keep you from sabotaging your success. AND it will make you feel better about the progress you ARE making. THIS is the first and most critical step to living life ON purpose.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why your brain is sabotaging you;
  • The skill of celebration and why its ESSENTIAL for you in your life;
  • The benefit to you AND your family when you celebrate yourself;
  • How to sit with your discomfort of joy.

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