Embarrassment Plagues Us All

A few days ago, I stayed in bed for half the day because I was embarrassed. Not because of anything I did or said, but because I felt like a hormonal teenager that couldn’t handle my acne. Yes, I said acne.

I wish someone would have told me that despite being into adult years, acne would still arise any time “that time of the month” circles back around.

In my emotional lamenting to my husband, he kindly pointed out that everything I was thinking was caused by my own thoughts, and that I could easily choose to think different thoughts.

Dang life coaching, right?? The hubs now knows the secrets of my ways.

So, I not so lovingly let him know that I knew he was right, but to back off while I choose to be embarrassed.

I know you might be thinking that I’m making this sound dramatic for a blog post, but I am once again embarrassed to say, this is a very accurate depiction of how it went down.

No matter who you are and what your circumstances in life might be, everyone experiences positive AND negative emotions. These emotions, just as my wise husband pointed out, are caused by our thinking. When we feel these emotions, we start to act in certain ways.

In this specific example, I hid in bed and cried at the thought of leaving my house. It sounds so irrational, but emotions often lead to irrational actions.

After allowing myself to choose embarrassment for a time, the next day I was ready to clean up my thoughts about my acne.

It’s ok to feel emotions, and to allow them to stay for a time. It does not mean that something has gone wrong; it means you are simply human. Once you allow the emotions (instead of resisting or reacting to them), you will know when you are ready to move on, regardless of if your acne is still there or not 😉

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