Does Your Brain Need Shop Class?

I have a garage full of tools. These tools can do incredible things. Sometimes I stand back and think of all that I could build or do with these tools in my hands. Yet, the only thing I regularly grab is the screwdriver to change the batteries in my kids’ toys.

Your brain is the same way. It is capable of incredible things, including life altering joy, deeper connection with your spouse and kids, fulfilling your purpose, having a happy family, and so much more.

Yet, you might not be experiencing these things because you are only comfortable using one tool from your toolset.

This is the value of coaching. It is like “shop class” for your brain. You begin to unpack your toolset from all the thoughts that are weighing you down. With the help of a coach, like me, you start to learn which tools or thoughts do serve you, and how to use those thoughts to create whatever life you want.

What is it that you would want to change in your life? Is it to stop resenting your spouse and start better communicating? Would you start having more fun with you kids instead of yelling? Or, do you want to stop feeling guilty about how much you work every time you are with your family?

Whatever it might be in your life, your brain is capable of creating it. It does not need to know the how’s at this point, but it does need to believe it’s possible. I am here to help you through that process because once your brain truly believes, it then starts working to create it.

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