[BONUS EPISODE] Busy Moms’ Book Club: The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman

Busy Moms’ Book Club: The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman

In today’s bonus Busy Mom’s Book Club episode, Lara is sharing her insights on the book, The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman. As moms, we are inundated with decisions to make, from the simple things like feeding our kids the right foods all the way up to making the best educational choices. If you’re overwhelmed and uncertain, this book might be just the one you need.

This Episode is For You If:

  • You spend a lot of time dwelling on, thinking about, or praying to know the right decision to make
  • You love to research things when you are trying to make the “right” decision or a good decision, looking for answers from the experts
  • You’ve ever had the thought that you should be better at something. Like you should be further along, or you should be good at something
  • You’ve ever made a pro or con list (in the middle of the night, even)

Featured on the Show: 

Every month, The Busy Moms’ Book Club meets virtually over Zoom. You do not have to read the book to join. I read the book, then will teach it to you and how to apply it.

It’s the best because you can get ALL the goodness books have to offer in an hour. Because we all know you loved Cliff Notes for your book reports as a kid 😉

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