[BONUS EPISODE] Busy Moms’ Book Club: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Busy Moms’ Book Club: Atomic Habits by James Clear

Join Lara Johnson in the bonus audio replay of the Busy Mom’s Book Club, where she talks about the self-help book, Atomic Habits by James Clear. Creating new habits is a challenge for many of us and as we make our goals for a new year, this timely book has plenty of advice and practical solutions you can implement right away. Together, we’ll go over what it means to change our identity and Clear’s four powerful laws to build new habits. Best of all, it ties beautifully into our calling as moms.

Every month, The Busy Moms’ Book Club meets virtually over Zoom. You do not have to read the book to join. I read the book, share all the highlights with you, and then teach you how to apply it to your own life. It’s the best because you can get ALL the goodness books offer in an hour (because we all know you loved Cliff Notes for your book reports as a kid).

 What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The difference between outcomes and processes
  • How our beliefs drive our identity
  • The “habit loop” our brain follows
  • The four powerful laws of habit building
  • How to create a system that works for you

Featured in this episode: 


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