Are you a good or bad person?

Are you a good or bad person? Take a moment to answer this question for yourself. What qualities do you possess that makes you one or the other?

My guess is you consider yourself a good person; however, there might be times when your brain might argue otherwise.

I see this come up so subtly in my clients’ brains. If often appears as “shoulds,” and it sounds like this: “I shouldn’t yell at my kids so much,” “I should exercise more,” “I should spend more time with my spouse,” “I shouldn’t get so bugged with my coworker,” and many other thought variations.

Each of these thoughts may seem positive, but these thoughts place the brain into the “bad” category of good and bad thinking. Once you enter into that space of thinking, feelings of shame occur, which weakens your beliefs about personal worthiness, confidence, and strength.

We live in a world where things are not always good or bad, black or white, yet our brain will continually find ways to simplify it as such. Your brain is doing an amazing job of trying to save you time and energy by using this simplification process. Thanks, Brain!

But, letting your brain know that you are willing to take the time to move past black and white, good or bad, thinking allows you to see the world (and yourself) for the complex beauty that it is. You are then able to experience a deeper level of self compassion instead of functioning from a place of shame.

These thoughts might look something like, “I am a human, and sometimes I yell,” “I’m learning how to care for my body,” “I make the most of the time I have with my spouse,” “My coworkers and I are humans learning how to work together.”

Do you catch yourself in good and bad thinking? If so, I would love to help you overcome it. Click below to schedule a consult with me. We’ll dive into your current thinking, and create a roadmap for you to overcome it so that you can experience deeper joy.


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