A Post For My Accountants

I know there’s a lot of feelings with a June 30th fiscal year end. I know you’re worried about missing out on summer because of another “busy season,” as well as feeling a little jealous that other families are traveling while you’re working insane hours. I also know you feel guilty because you spouse is flying solo while the kids are out of school for the summer.

My accountant husband and I have been there, and understand what you’re experiencing. My husband used to describe the feeling as being similar to standing on a beach watching a tidal wave come toward you.

I want you to know I see you, I hear you, and I appreciate for you! You are among the best and the brightest, and truly have a heart of gold. You show up and work hard even when it seems your work goes unnoticed.

You are also a dedicated parent, and are creative in making the most when you are with your kids and spouse. They will remember the times you are present, and will forget the times you are away.

You can and will make it through, I promise you! Know that I am cheering you on!

I am also here and ready to help you or your spouse make it through this busy time! I will guide you through so you can come out of it with energy to spare. Click below to send me an email. Just type “I’m interested” in the subject line and hit send. I’ll do the rest!


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